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Founded over 20 years ago, The Grove Practice is based in the heart of London’s West End, offering counselling and psychotherapy for smart professional people who are facing some kind of difficulty in life – when solutions seem hard to find, emotional resilience is depleted, and the usual coping mechanisms just aren’t working any more.

We specialise in therapy for individuals and couples; we believe in strengthening resilience and in providing relational support. So that individual clients feel more secure and empowered, taking their best self into their relationships, which strengthens society and families by creating more authentic communication and leadership.

If you’re troubled – whether in your personal life or at work – or if you are looking for a way to develop your potential to the full, you may find therapy helpful.

What’s different about The Grove? 

Our skillset covers therapy, for people who are feeling generally unhappy or who are suffering from more identifiable conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, or panic attacks, or obsessive/compulsive behaviours. Some people come to us with an existing diagnosis, whereas others want to find out more by consulting a psychiatrist for a formal diagnosis.

The Grove is unusual in that our practice can offer joined-up mental health care including psychiatry with Dr Kustow, working in alliance with psychotherapy provided by one of our other directors. Whilst seeing a psychiatrist can sound somewhat daunting, there is sometimes a valuable role for seeking a professional diagnosis and a tailored medication review in support of enhanced wellbeing. At The Grove, we can provide an in-house psychiatry referral while maintaining therapy sessions with one of our team of directors. After completing his medical training, Dr Kustow also qualified as a psychotherapist. He is also committed to a holistic view of healthcare, through his training in nutrition, EMDR, and EFT “tapping”.

All our directors are trauma-trained practitioners. Indeed, trauma therapy is a specialist area of our practice. We are skilled in supporting people with trauma, PTSD or Complex PTSD. Each of our directors has trained in multiple trauma treatment protocols, which can be tailored to each client’s needs or preferences.

For those clients who would like to experience the healing power of nature, we make a special offering of equine-facilitated therapy. This is a rarity for a psychotherapy centre in London’s West End to offer access for therapy with horses. These horses live in Wiltshire (just outside Royal Wootton Basset – accessed by car from junction 16 of the M4 or by train from Paddington to Chippenham).

We are unique in our service offering, which clients tell us they experience as a richly rewarding therapy journey.


We’re conveniently located in central London W1. The Grove’s premises at 4 Wimpole Street are a five-minute walk from Bond Street and Oxford Street tube stations or buses, with meter parking also available. Our fees reflect a discreet service provided by talented therapists at a convenient and pleasant location in the West End.

Management team
The Grove is run by a team of four directors: Robert Rees, Sarah Paton Briggs, Elliot Davis, and Dr James Kustow. 

Before training as psychotherapists, Sarah and Robert each held high-level executive positions in international business. 

So they have a deep understanding of the managerial dynamics and organisational pressures that can arise in commercial settings, allied with a profound grasp of how psychological therapy can bring a more fulfilling perspective on life and relationships.

Elliot Davis pursued a successful career in the arts before shifting emphasis to psychotherapy. He brings a trauma-informed view to working with individuals or couples.

Reassurance from a professional practice

When you come along for therapy at The Grove, you can be assured of confidentiality and of the professional standing of our team. All our therapists are affiliated to at least one professional body with a binding code of ethics.

You will also be dealing with a professional therapy organisation which has a legal entity and company registration: The Grove Practice Limited, with a registered office: 4 Wimpole Street, London W1G 9SH. Company registered in England and Wales: 04597773. VAT registration: 835964683.

Corporate and insurance work
We also work with a number of corporate clients, to bring greater engagement among their senior management teams, or to provide psychological support for senior managers facing personal difficulties or professional challenges. As part of our corporate services, we provide tailored responses to critical incidents such as a traumatic death at work, or the provision of trauma therapy where a high number of employees or members of the public are affected. For these services, a bespoke response is tailored to the specific needs in each case, where The Grove draws from our network of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, specialists in treating children and families, as well as a team of traumatologists. Therapists and clinicians speaking languages other than English can also be provided.

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Based in London W1, we offer a unique blend of mental health support: psychotherapy, psychiatry, professional training courses in mental health, integrated wellbeing & equine-facilitated programmes.

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