Here is some of the feedback we regularly receive from clients about their sessions at The Grove. For reasons of ethics and confidentiality, we have made sure that all clients remain unidentifiable if their comments are featured below:

“Since seeing Sarah at the Grove I have moved from the darkest places I have ever been, into the light. With her help we tried to save a broken relationship, alas only one person wanted to save it, from there we moved to saving what seemed at the time a broken soul, but Sarah helped me find belief and understanding in myself. My once dull grey eyes are now bright blue, and I am in many ways re-born, and life is good and getting better. Sarah Briggs….life coach and sunshine giver.”

Merchandise Entrepreneur, Essex

“I had never considered counselling before I approached Ben. He has given me the comfort and courage to take control and move my life in a new, positive direction. Offering guidance and support or even just being a friend in difficult times, my therapist helps me get the best out of every situation. Through listening, talking and role playing he works at a pace that suits me, sharing my ups and downs whether personal or work related. I would like to thank him for helping me create space in my life again for me.”

Head of compliance and operations, London


“I feel that I am taking a very important step in rebuilding my life, this time in the way that is compatible with myself. I hope to leave behind some of the pain and definitely the dual life, the sneaking around, and from tomorrow evening onwards truly walk with my head held high and proud of myself. I realise how fundamental you have been in my recovery and in getting a second chance in life to be truly happy. I’m writing precisely to thank you for the support and courage you give me to do the right thing. It will be very difficult but I know what I need to do to become truly free.”

Post-graduate student, London


“I wanted to say thank you for your encouragement and support in the last months. Most of all, thank you for listening to me! I have found our sessions invaluable.”

Advertising executive, central London


“My sessions at The Grove have allowed me to begin to accept myself and to regain a sense of power over what happens to me, and what I can make happen. I have realised that the big, hopeless mess isn’t so big, and that with a bit of reflection and open discussion I can untangle it. I find myself being interested by patterns in my behaviour and challenges ahead, rather than scared by them. I leave my sessions with suggestions and approaches to put into practice, and a sense that I can deal with whatever lies ahead. I can focus on enjoying my life again.”

Manager in charity organisation, West London


“Thank you for making a real difference to me, I never truly believed that I could ever even see my potential.”

NHS manager, south London


“I wanted to write and thank you again for all the help you have given me over the last year. I feel so much happier and together as a person and your guidance has been crucial in this transition.”

Advertising director, central London


“Working with Sarah has made a significant difference to the way I look at the challenges of life. I also now have a variety of ‘tools’ that I have already found myself using to get more positive outcomes from difficult circumstances. Sarah’s positive, friendly, constructive approach really makes a difference.”

IT project manager, Berkshire


“A heartfelt thank you for making more of a difference than you’ll ever know, allowing me to see and feel more than I thought possible.”

Regional sales manager, Wiltshire


“Thanks for your help over the years. I assure you that I will speak only good things about the services you provide and the friendly, human aspect you bring to a difficult process.”

Health and Safety executive, south London


“I want to thank you for the help you have given me over the past few months; it was certainly helpful during a tricky time!”

PR manager, Hertfordshire


“I went to see Sarah at The Grove, at the point of the total collapse of my marriage to the man I’ve loved more than anyone else. Having never seen a counsellor before, I was unsure what to expect and spent the first session convincing her I was normal & sane. My sessions were eye-opening, heart-restarting, strengthening and educating. I learned a lot about myself. Sarah is a true professional & seemed to know exactly what I needed to progress at any point in time whether it be firm communication, moral support or new insightful lessons. Through lots of talking, tears, laughter & work, I feel I’ve gone from wondering if I would survive, to taking the opportunity to look at the world with fresh, optimistic eyes. I’m happy to say I’m excited about the future & feel stronger & lighter. I will honestly miss going to see you but cannot believe the progress I’ve made with your help. Thanks!”

IT manager, south London


“Thank you so much for our chats, it really helped me to clarify things. Your support, wisdom and belief mean so much.”

Arts performer, north London


“Before I started my sessions at the Grove, I really couldn’t see how I could resolve what was going on in my life; it just seemed like one big, hopeless mess that I couldn’t begin to acknowledge, let alone explain to anyone else. Once I’d taken the first step of booking and attending an initial session, I was surprised at how quickly I felt at ease at the practice. The relaxed setting and the gentle, friendly rapport my counsellor generated meant that for the first time in years, I could begin to explain how I was feeling. I booked my next session, and haven’t looked back.

Therapy at the Grove slots easily into a busy professional life; I never leave a session feeling overly-emotional, vulnerable or dependent on my counsellor. We have had a series of very natural, insightful and diverse discussions, and I’ve been surprised at how often we laugh when talking about some pretty serious topics! Therapy hasn’t caused seismic, overwhelming shifts in how I behave, but the progressive improvements in my attitude and approach to my professional and personal life haven’t gone unnoticed. As one old friend said, ‘It seems like your outlook on everything has rebalanced; you’re looking forward to the future’.”

Fundraiser in third sector , West London


“I wanted to send you a big “THANK YOU” for all your support over the last few months! I feel very proud of the great strides I have taken + that was largely due to your compassion, wisdom + ability to create an environment in which I felt safe to explore the depths of my psyche.”

Accountant, East London


“I wanted to write a proper ‘thankyou’ for everything you have helped me with over this last year. I am very grateful that I found you. Contacting you was the first thing that I did that demonstrated a motivation for change and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. You have helped me to come a very long way from the tearful person you first met and I now feel able to deal with many things in life which would have floored me a few months ago. Thank you, Sarah, for all your help.”

TV producer, west London


“When I first came to see my counsellor it was mid-summer. Hot and humid and the days were never ending. In my mind though, it was dark. I was lost in a sea of thoughts, dark days and sleepless nights. I was rigid, frozen, and rooted to the spot.It took a few weeks before I felt the tension ease, when I started to see and think in more than one dimension. The metaphor of moving from dark to light may seem tired and overused, but for me it was born out in reality. I learned the value of simple change, of how I didn’t need to take radical steps to improve my mood or aspects of my behaviour. Writing it now seems silly but simply moving from a dark spot in my office to under a skylight reaped huge benefits. I had literally sought out the light. As time went on I became more aware of myself. I let myself be angry or sad or hurt and it was like a physical purging of all my pent-up emotions. I spent many weeks feeling like a huge surge of emotion had left my body; it was an incredible physical experience. I cannot begin to express how much I have changed for the better. It may sound cliche’ but it proved to be a massive life-changing experience for me. I saw myself at my worst, at my best and all the bits in between. The difference now is that I can understand what these emotions might mean and how I can deal with them better.”

Renewables and environment consultant, London


“Just sitting by myself in the sun thinking about stuff and feeling such a surge of happiness that I had to share it with you. You’re the architect of this feeling and I’ll forever be grateful to you. Nothing I could write in a testimonial will get close to the real thing.”

Chairman, London


“Working with my therapist represented a real turning point in my life. The decision to begin counselling wasn’t an easy one to make, like many people I was very fearful of what it might involve, but within a few weeks of meeting him I had begun to make real progress under his careful and thoughtful guidance. I came to really value the gentle questioning approach that he took, which allowed me to take a step back from aspects of my life and look at them differently. What amazed me was that as I addressed certain issues or areas of unhappiness, I experienced an ‘unlocking’ of other parts of my life. Soon, I felt that I could use my work with him as an opportunity to ‘spring clean’ my life – to get all of those old, treasured insecurities or worries out of the cupboard, dust them off, look at them for what they were and decide which ones I could easily let go of and free up some space. I can genuinely say that life hasn’t been the same since.”

Head of financial services and marketing, City of London


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