Michael Sorrentino

Michael Sorrentino

Anger management for MTV star

Michael Sorrentino, of hit MTV show Jersey Shore, has been referred for anger management after a fight with his brother in July resulted in him facing assault charges.

Sorrentino, 32, had fallen out with his brother over the running of the family business. Since the incident he has said that he didn’t mean for things to get out of hand, and that a “simple situation…was blown out of proportion” (usmagazine.com). The magazine also reported that, on being told that he would have to undergo anger management treatment, Sorrentino said to TMZ: “I don’t know if I’m excited, but if that’s what’s needed… maybe it will help me out.”

The above statement implies that Sorrentino has lost control of his anger before, and understands that he needs support to help manage his rage. Perhaps there is a sense of relief that, finally he is able to start dealing with the issue and find more productive ways to manage his emotions, that will help him move forward in life and deal with conflict and misunderstandings more productively.

At The Grove we understand how difficult it can be to control high emotion. We know that once a line is crossed it can feel impossible to return from it, and that many people who lose their temper feel regretful, ashamed and upset once the moment has passed. If you have difficulties managing your anger you might be familiar with the promises made to loved ones – as well as yourself – that this will be the last time it will happen and you will learn to control your anger better, and the ensuing shame and guilt that develops when, once again, you find you have exploded and acted out on anger that feels uncontrollable.

Anger in itself is not a ‘bad thing’. We all feel angry at times, and experiencing such anger enables us to identify when something is not right, and when our boundaries have been transgressed. However, what we do with our anger can be difficult. When used productively anger can help resolve conflicts, develop assertiveness and get what we want out of life. But using our anger in this way can be challenging, and for many people experiencing anger can lead to exploding, blowing up and lashing out, often towards the people we love and care for most. Guilt, shame and regret tend to follow, and also self-hatred and self-disgust. It can be easy to begin to feel like a bad person, and it’s difficult to talk about this melting pot of feelings with others. The feelings may all simmer away inside, which in turn makes it even harder to manage anger, resulting in greater intensities of simmering emotions, and so the cycle continues. It can easy to feel trapped.

Without professional help and support, it can be impossible to break the cycle of anger. The counsellors and therapists at The Grove are trained and experienced in working with people who are struggling to manage their emotions, including anger. A therapist will work to help you manage your anger, find more constructive ways of working with high emotions, and also to unpick what it is that is triggering you. This way you will be able to develop better control over your anger itself, as well better ways to manage situations, events or people who are particularly triggering for you. In turn, you can develop greater agency over your own life, both in the present as well as in the future.

Contact The Grove today for your free 30-minute assessment. We will discuss what you are looking for and what you are hoping to gain out of therapy, and then pair you up with a suitable therapist who will work with to help you regain control over your emotions and behaviours, and subsequently your life as a whole.