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Halle Berry “I’ve been in therapy for 30 years”

Halle Berry is quoted in today’s Daily Mail, saying that she’s been seeing a therapist for over 30 years, starting as a child. Back then, aged 10, she was dealing with the impact of a traumatic childhood.   She said in the Daily Mail article : ‘I’ve done therapy on an as-needed  basis since I […]


10 tips for happiness

True contentment comes from learning to accept yourself, just as you are.   1. Escape from ‘must’ and ‘should’ Challenge any thought of ‘I have to’ or ‘I ought’, because this attitude creates resentment and makes life a chore. If you reframe your options and think of them as choices, you are in a stronger […]


Tips for beating stress

1. Recognise the signs of stress The classic definition of stress is any stimulus which creates an imbalance in your internal state. Most common triggers can be: Lifestyle: work, travel, time pressures Emotional: divorce, bereavement Environmental: noise, toxins, heat, trauma Health: illness, lack of exercise, poor diet   2. Know the physical impact of stress […]