Feeling unhappy in your relationship?

Marriage counselling

Sometimes married couples reach the point where they are stuck in a state of arguing and unhappiness. At this point it can be really beneficial to go for marriage counselling.

Couples coming to The Grove for relationship counselling often say that they are struggling to resolve marital problems themselves. So they are looking for a therapist to facilitate their conversations and help them fight fair.

“Our counsellor’s skills were critical to the success of our counselling sessions; her intelligence, sensitivity, empathy and humour provided an environment for us to work together on our problems. We each realized what we could do to improve the situation.”

We offer face-to-face counselling from £75* a session.

Marriage counselling can help you find ways to tackle the most common marital problems:

  • Repeated arguments
  • Lack of sex and intimacy
  • Different values around children and money
  • Feeling unappreciated and taken for granted
  • Too little quality time
  • Questioning why you’re together

If you feel like you’ve reached an emotional gridlock with your partner, where you can’t go on like this and something has to change, this can be a big creative opportunity for both of you.

It is possible to revive the respect and attraction that originally brought you together. Sometimes this involves looking at your own part in the marriage and the effect you are having. Our relationship therapists are skilled in helping you see the dynamics at play in your marriage.

There can be a lot of sadness, hurt, anger and resentment beneath the surface of marital difficulties. It takes courage to listen to your partner and a commitment to understand their point of view, let alone find the words to say what’s important from your stand point. Communication problems can be worked on.

Relationship counselling can give you time and a structure to look at what’s troubling in your marriage and gain new perspective. There’s often a lot to be gained.

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