Counselling Can Help At Work

A recent article in the Evening Standard highlighted the value of counselling to employees working for Transport for London, with a spokesperson quoted as saying that: “Counselling has been found to be a safe and cost effective way of helping staff who suffer from stress, depression and other issues.” The piece highlighted how a course of counselling or therapy can help support people who are stressed in the workplace, or who are struggling with other problems, such as relationship issues or bereavement, that are affecting work.


In recent months stress, anxiety and depression at work have become much more talked about. The draining effects of going to work each day in a toxic environment have become better realised, and we are becoming more aware of the effects on productivity, as well as on health, of going to work each day in a place that makes us miserable. Many of us will no longer tolerate working in jobs that are affecting us so negatively, and will take steps to either change our career path, adapt more positively to the real constraints of the posts we are in, or seek support to help with things going on in our wider lives that are affecting how we view our job.


The counsellors and therapists at The Grove are familiar with working with people who are highly successful in their work, such as managers, CEOs, business people and those in the financial and media based industries. We understand the pressures of working at high levels, and understand how easy it can be to become sucked into a way of life from which there seems little escape. We understand how hard it can be to stop work from interfering with home-life, particularly with the advent of smart phones and other mobile technologies, and understand the strain of never being able to switch off or stop constantly thinking about the office.


We are experienced in working with people for whom their work is very important, and in helping people develop a better work-life balance so that they can continue to enjoy success in their careers as well as time with their family and friends, as well as relaxation and leisure pursuits. Equally, if you are unsure whether your job is still for you, we can help you explore what it really is you want from a career, and whether now is the time to try something new or to find more efficient ways of managing the job you do have.


Whether you are looking for some support in working through issues in your current employment, someone with whom to discuss moving jobs or changing careers, or if other things in life are making your commitments more challenging, contact The Grove today to see how we can help. We will offer a free 30-minute assessment where you can more fully discuss your what is on your mind, and then pair you with a therapist who will work with you further.