Group therapy to tackle depression

Tackling stress and depression with education and group support

While therapy can be really helpful for people suffering with depression, we also offer a group programme to treat depression, anxiety and other stress-related conditions.  The format is a 6-week closed group, held at our premises in London’s West End.

Each week, the facilitator, Simon Jacobs, takes the group through a structured series of modules which tackle the multi-faceted concerns commonly expressed by people wanting to tackle their depression, stress or anxiety. There will also be a presentation by our psychiatrist colleague, Dr Faith Contell, regarding the usefulness of medication for these conditions.

The group will provide psycho-educational content, experiential learning within a group setting and a safe place to explore your concerns with others. Participants will be invited to discuss their personal experiences of these conditions within the group. For those who want to participate, homework tasks will be suggested.

There will be an opportunity for those who wish to continue to benefit from the group as supportive and safe environment to join an on-going weekly group after the initial 6 week programme.

Timing: Wednesday evenings, 90 minutes from 6pm.

Cost: £300 + VAT for the 6-week course, including materials.

Start date: September 2014.

Programme outline

Week 1: Defining stress, anxiety and depression.

How these conditions affect us; recognising the symptoms of these conditions; what is happening in the brain and body when these symptoms are present.

Week 2: How depression is created.

How depression is maintained and deepened; negative automatic thoughts; over-thinking; finding the right balance between assertiveness, passivity and aggression; personality types most prone to depression or stress.

Week 3: The role of medication.

What does medication offer and how? How can therapy and medication be combined? What else can help?

Week 4: Consolidation.

Discussion of your learning so far and how you are applying this to your own life and personal circumstances.

Week 5: Toolkit to tackle the problem.

How to manage stress so it doesn’t escalate into anxiety or depression; the importance of positivity, mindfulness and self-awareness.

Week 6: Putting it all together.

More tools and techniques; how to monitor your symptoms; building a better life plan and a support network.