Family Therapy

Families nowadays are changing shape, sometimes through divorce, separation, remarriage, bereavement, or international relocation. This can bring all sorts of difficulties in the family relationships, including arguments, conflict, resentment and disharmony.

There are also other pressures affecting family life, such as stress, bullying, substance abuse, eating patterns that cause concern, use of computers and the internet or social networks.

The Grove has a team of therapists who are specially trained in working with families to tackle the communication style and underlying issues.

Our counselling sessions are private and confidential, providing a space for discussion and reflection.

We can also offer therapy for one person in the family if other persons are unwilling to attend together.

We offer face-to-face therapy for £100 for an initial 50-minute session. Then depending on the Therapist you choose, further sessions are either £90 or £150 thereafter.

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