The Grove Discovery Group

A fresh, modern and accessible take on Group Psychotherapy for busy professional people who are facing challenges in life. Facilitated by Manu Bazzano, Author, Writer, Meditative Facilitator and Group Practitioner.

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What can you expect from attending the group:

  • Commonality – our group helps to raise self-esteem by removing your sense of isolation.
    Encouragement- seeing that others have been in situations where you find yourself right now can offer hope at difficult times.
  • Development of new social skills – experimenting with the way in which you interact with others in a safe, supportive environment will help you build confidence and expand your relational range outside of the therapy sessions.
  • Understanding projection – the Group will help you make sense of what goes on for other people when they’re around you by allowing space for honest feedback.
  • Inter-connectedness – Humans are cooperative by nature. Being a part of a cohesive group offers a sense of belonging, acceptance and validation. Working through issues in a group setting is inspiring and life-enhancing.
  • Immediacy– Sharing one another’s experience helps us learn about our freedom to make choices and to take responsibility for our actions
  • Playfulness – There is a seriousness in ‘therapy work’ that is solemn and somber and then there is the seriousness of children’s play. We will aim for the second alternative.
  • Interpersonal learning – Interacting with others, giving and receiving feedback will help you realise greater self-awareness. Understanding how we are in the world is often the first step to change.
  • Empathy – you might be able to offer help or advice to other members. This sense of altruism can help you develop your own interpersonal skills.

About Manu Bazzano
An international lecturer, published author and group facilitator. Manu has presented his work in a wide variety of settings, integrating Zen practice with contemporary psychotherapy and the world of ethics, culture, and the arts.

Cost & Referral:
GBP 75 per 1.5 hour group session – minimum 10 week commitment is advised
By Referral Only

Timing &Location:
The Group meets weekly on A Thursday from 6.30pm-8pm in a Mayfair Hotel, London W1 (further details on admission)

Contacts at The Grove:
Programme Manager: Robert Rees | [email protected]
Group Facilitator: Manu Bazzano | [email protected]
Clinical Director: Sarah Briggs | [email protected]
Programme admin: Caroline Plumer | [email protected]