Jen and Justin strengthen relationship through counselling

Just a few months after declaring that she wished she could send her younger self to therapy, actress Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she has had a spell of relationship counselling with fiancé Justin Theroux, as a result of the couple having spent a lot of time apart over the past few months.



According to the Mail Online a source said: “Jen and Justin love each other, they are fully committed. they had hoped to be married by now but work commitments this year meant their plans went astray.



“They have had some counselling. They both regret not spending more time together this year and they’re determined that next year will be different.” It has been reported that the couple, who have been engaged since August 2012, are taking a new year break in Mexico and have started discussing their wedding plans once more.



Sometimes couples benefit from a bit of time and space to support the development of their relationship, to re-evaluate their priorities and to help them understand what is going on between them at a deeper level. It may be a question of working out a more appropriate work-life balance and getting more support in helping to develop real time for the relationship, or it may be that things that have happened in previous relationships are affecting you now. Perhaps one of you has recently gone through a difficult time, and this has caused a strain on your relationship.



At The Grove we understand that relationships are difficult, and sometimes a period of therapy can help to take stock and create a bit of distance to gain new perspectives that can help support and strengthen your partnership. We also understand that relationships change and grow, and sometimes people do decide to go their separate ways. This is often a painful decision to make, even if you know it is the right one. It can be equally painful whether you have been in the relationship a few years, or a few decades.



This time of year can put a particular pressure on relationships, and it is commonly recognised that many couples decide to separate or divorce after the Christmas period. If you are feeling the strain let’s talk first, before you make any decisions that you may later regret. It may be that you do decide that the best option for both of you is to make a break and to have a fresh start, or you may want to try and reconcile your relationship. Many relationships that go through a tough time come out the other side stronger and all the better for having survived a period of strife, with couples feeling closer, more connected and ready to make a renewed commitment to one another. This can often lead to more fulfilling lives for both of you.



At The Grove we have a number of specially trained couples’ therapists who will work with you both to understand your relationship, your individual needs and your needs as a couple. We will provide a space where both of you can talk about what is going on for you, and can help with conflict resolution and communication skills which will help you manage difficult periods in more constructive ways, both now and in the future. It may be that one – or both – of you would also like to have some individual therapy sessions alongside couples’ counselling. We can also provide separate counsellors to work with you on a one-to-one basis to help address personal issues that are contributing to conflict in your relationship.



If you would like to talk about your relationship, either together or on an individually, get in touch today to see how we can support you and your partner and help decide the best way forward for you both.