Katy Perry on Brand divorce: “A lot of therapy has happened since”.

Katy Perry has spoken to Cosmopolitan magazine about her split from husband Russell Brand. The singer has talked about how she has used therapy both to help understand and reflect on her experiences in her relationship, as well as to enable her to set firmer and healthier boundaries for the future. Perry has also opened up about her anxiety around performing, telling readers that she takes anti-anxiety medication before each show in order to help her focus.


“A lot of therapy has happened [since Russell Brand] and a lot of understanding and growth,” she told Cosmopolitan, as reported by The Express. “Sometimes you have to go through all this s*** to get grips on life, and figure out what your next boundaries in your love life and world are going to be.”


Many of our clients at The Grove have come for therapy and counselling for similar reasons to Katy Perry. It is common for people who have recently experienced relationship breakdown to enter therapy to get to grips with the break-up, which in turn enables them to reflect more deeply on their relationships, both recent and more historic. People start to learn and understand more about themselves, the people they attract and are attracted to, their values in and out of relationships and, ultimately, what they are looking for in both a relationship and their wider lives. Often, it is the relationship breakdown that acts as a catalyst for someone to enter therapy and start to reflect more on their lives as a whole.


At The Grove we understand the importance of both couple and individual therapy, and understand that the two work hand-in-hand. Often couples will see a therapist together, while also working with individual therapists, in order to work through their relationship while also gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. A healthy relationship requires this dual level of understanding from both parties.


Ambivalent and difficult feelings towards both the relationship and one’s partner need to be worked through and understood so that people can make more informed decisions about whether to continue in a particular relationship or not. If a couple does decide to separate there are a lot of practical matters to resolve, and attempting to do this without also working with the emotional side of things can be incredibly difficult. It can become vindictive. The Telegraph has highlighted the importance of counselling for couples going through mediation, citing a recent survey by Slater & Gordon of 1,000 divorcees: “The majority say they are too angry to take rational decisions in their children’s best interests and more than one third said that they wanted their ex to suffer,” read the article, which also stated that 70% of those surveyed said that they felt unable to separate their emotions when dealing with arrangements over finances and children.


At The Grove we understand how difficult separation is, at both a practical and an emotional level. Here, we will make space for you to experience, understand and work with your emotions, so that you can feel stronger and better prepared to make all the other difficult decisions and go through the processes that surround separation and divorce, if this is the route which you do decide to take. We will also work with you to better understand yourself and your relational patterns, so that you can reassess where you are in life and where it is you want to go from here at an individual level, as well as with a partner.


If you are struggling with difficulties in your relationship contact us today for your free 30 minute assessment so that we can start to work with you, either as an individual or part of a couple.