Our latest inspiring desert journey in Siwa

The Siwa journeys are such a unique and powerful experience.




There were two programmes running in October 2011: the first was an individual tailored itinerary, for high impact executive development. Ben worked one-to-one with the client, focusing on leadership style, presence and authenticity, as well as handling aggression and conflict. The client, who heads a TV company, came back buzzing with enthusiasm for the 5-day trip and much feeling much better able to handle the competing demands of his job role.


The second journey was a group programme, a reflective journey riding a camel for 5 days through the desert, camping under the stars, connecting with nature and with self. Although the group came from diverse countries and backgrounds, they bonded at a deep level and worked together to support themselves through what can be a demanding experience both emotionally and physically.



Usually we fly into Cairo, spend a night in a hotel in Giza (with the opportunity to visit the pyramids and sphinx). Then begins the next leg of the journey by private air-conditioned minibus along the coast road to the oasis town of Siwa, at the edge of the Sahara desert. We stay overnight in charming private en-suite rooms at a hotel at the edge of town, where the food is amazing. The next day, we meet the camels, then set out on the 5-day desert journey. While in the desert, you can sleep in a tent or under the stars and all food is cooked on an open fire (and very tasty it is too). You experience sunsets and can rise early to see the sun appear. There’s plenty of time to enjoy the stunning views of the dunes or swim in the lakes that make a very welcome from the heat of the sun.


The natural environment there is awesome and always has a profound effect on those camel-riding and camping in the desert.


Here’s a poignant comment from someone who’s been on the Sahara journey:


“The desert is an extraordinary place to clear your head, be in connection with your self and live the present. It brought me peace, light and hope and I am grateful to Ben for having given me the opportunity to live this unforgettable experience.”