L’Wren and Radtke’s struggles at the top

L’Wren Scott, who was found dead in her apartment in Manhattan on Monday morning, was said to be “embarrassed” by her failing business, and in huge amounts of debt which she saw no way of clearing, reported The Times. Friends close to the designer reportedly said that “something was going on”, while staff were expecting her company to go bust, according to the Daily Mail.


The story resonates with that of Autumn Radtke, the CEO of bitcoin exchange First Meta Exchange, who was found dead at her apartment last month due to suspected suicide. Radtke’s company was reportedly under scrutiny, and shortly before her death she had posted links to Jessica Bruder’s piece ‘The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship’, which highlights the immense amounts of stress, pressure and anxiety that come with starting out alone in the world of business, including working with the ever present risk of failure, watching debts escalate and neglecting to take sufficient care of one’s own physical and mental health.


The case of these two highly successful entrepreneurs are hardly stand alone. Over recent years we have been hearing more and more about entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other highly successful people struggling to cope with managing the increasingly stringent demands of business, accountability and management within the context of their daily lives. However, there is help and support available. At The Grove, our counsellors are used to working with successful people. With depression, anxiety and stress continuing to remain something of taboo subjects within the business world, many professionals and highly qualified people find it difficult to switch off, take time out and seek release from the pressures and anxieties of work, that only serve to be exacerbated by the uncertain times in which we now live.


Many professionals come for counselling and therapy in order to find support in managing their everyday lives, and dealing with stress and anxiety. Some people are aware of the derogatory effects of their career commitments on other areas of their lives, for example their relationships, while others have been questioning their choice of career and are looking for time and space in which to reflect on the decisions they have made to date and how to move forward from where they currently are. Professionals may also present with concerns over their drug and alcohol use, excessive spending, or their unsatisfying lifestyle.


If you are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, find that your business needs are encroaching too greatly on your personal life, are concerned about drug and alcohol use or are unsatisfied with you life as it is at the moment, let’s talk. When where you want to be seems so far from where you currently are, a bit of help in finding the right track can be invaluable in re-evaluating what you want from life and re-focusing your goals on what you truly want for yourself. Right now it may seem like there is no way out, but the first step in making change lies in seeking support and working with the problem.


Let’s talk first, before things get worse, and work together to address what needs to change in your life. Contact The Grove now for your free 30-minute assessment, and to see how we can help you move from where you are now to where you really want to be.