Marriage counselling

If you feel like you’ve reached an emotional gridlock with your partner, where you can’t go on like this and something has to change. Sometimes married couples reach the point where they are stuck in a state of arguing and unhappiness. At this point it can be really beneficial to go for marriage counselling.

Marriage counselling can help you find ways to tackle the most common marital problems:

  • Repeated arguments
  • Lack of sex and intimacy
  • Different values around children and money
  • Feeling unappreciated and taken for granted
  • Too little quality time
  • Questioning why you’re together

Our team offers marriage counselling sessions for couples and your session will be private and confidential, providing a space for discussion and reflection. We can also offer therapy for one person in the couple if the other person is unwilling to attend together.

We offer face-to-face counselling for £100 for an initial 50-minute session. Then depending on the counsellor you choose, further sessions are either £90 or £150 thereafter.

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At the initial consultation, both of you can come along to discuss your situation before deciding on further sessions. Couples coming to The Grove for marriage counselling often say that they are struggling to resolve marital problems themselves. So they are looking for a therapist to facilitate their conversations and help them fight fair.

“Our counsellor’s skills were critical to the success of our counselling sessions; her intelligence, sensitivity, empathy and humour provided an environment for us to work together on our problems. We each realized what we could do to improve the situation.”