Organisational engagement

From success in offering relational support to individuals and couples in our therapy service, The Grove has also been briefed by companies to work with management teams to drive more productive relationships at work.  We provide group training and individual coaching, informed by psychological models and conversational skills – to drive faster decision-making and smoother inter-departmental relationships at senior level.

Many managers are promoted from a position where they are responsible for their own performance (P&L or smaller team) into a senior management team role where a different emphasis on competition and collaboration is required between senior players.

Our view is that there’s a different skill set required for executives, compared to the operating style they developed as an employee or junior exec.  We know this, because all our corporate clients say that they have some kind of problems within the management team or key working relationships.

The Grove’s programmes are tailor-made to resolve the issues raised by “difficult people” or “power struggles”. By creating a common framework among the team, with protocols to address the challenges of fast-moving businesses, better ways to meet the organisational objectives are found by the leaders responsible for delivering results.

We call this organisational engagement.