Rhianna has ‘confidence counselling’

Superstar Rhianna had a course of confidence counselling to help prepare her for a concert in Westfield, London at the end of 2012, it has been reported.


The award-winning ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Umbrella’ singer may come across as more confident than most, but has revealed that underneath the brazen exterior lie the same issues with confidence and self-acceptance with which most of us struggle at various points in our lives.


The counsellors and therapists at The Grove are trained and experienced in working with people who present as confident and self-assured, but who are actually feeling very different underneath. We understand that real self-confidence comes from deep within, and often presents in a quiet, understated manner. It is common for people who are feeling less confident to compensate for the true feelings by presenting themselves in ways that conceal them, often by becoming the ‘life and soul’ of the party (or the office, pub, cafe, etc. etc. …), which can often be mistaken for true confidence. This can lead to a confusing situation where the ways in which other people perceive us completely contrast to the ways in which we see ourselves, commonly resulting in false patterns becoming more deeply embedded, and so the viscious circle continues. You may feel locked into a false way of being, which can cause feelings of depression, anxiety and isolation.


Such a presentation of external confidence is frequently encouraged in our culture and society. We often find that in the workplace we are rewarded for acting in ways that contrast with our inner state of feelings, and indeed there can be many occasions on a daily basis where we have to manage our anxiety and present as confident when in reality we feel anything but. However, acting in this way all the time can lead to hollow feelings inside, if we are continuously ignoring those internal cues and behaving in ways that don’t really add up. While we may have to work out ways to manage this discrepency in the workplace, it is important to acknowledge that other part of yourself, that finds it difficult to act the confident one all of the time, and to allow yourself a break from such a ‘social exterior’. Without such support and balance you may find that your well-being, and even health, start to suffer.


The counsellors at The Grove have experience of working with clients to help develop healthier ways of being that complement all sides of their personality, enabling them to employ assertiveness skills, social and networking skills and confident presentations as necessary, while also creating space in their lives to acknowledge, accept and allow that part of themselves that feels more vulnerable. In doing so clients start to develop a more grounded – and often quieter – sense of confidence based on true self-acceptance, rather than acceptance by others, which becomes stronger, healthier and altogether more genuine. Many clients report that as they start to understand the ways in which they present themselves in different contexts, they are better able to become more fully themselves, and lead happier and more fulfilling lives.


If you are struggling with feelings of low confidence or lack of self-esteem, a course of counselling may help you to develop a more genuine, real confidence that will take you further in both your professional and personal lives. Contact The Grove today for your free 30-minute assessment to get the ball rolling, and find out more about what we can do to help you move towards living the life you truly want.