Richard E Grant: “Therapy saved my life”.

Actor Richard E Grant, of Gosford Park fame, has talked about having therapy for 18 months to help him through “a major period of depression” in his early 40s, reported the Telegraph last week. He says that therapy saved his life, and he has now learnt the value of reaching out for help in times of trouble.


“I got it sorted”, Grant, now 56, told the Telegraph. “I saw the most brilliant psychoanalyst. It saved my life. What I took from it is that if someone is in trouble, ask for help. There is help everywhere, but if you bottle it up, that seems to be… fatal, to me.”


During the interview Grant was asked whether depression could be triggered by the kind of dark characters he embodies in his work, to which he responded from a very human place, rather than from that of a successful actor: “If you’re playing somebody like that, you can be affected while you’re shooting – but when it’s scripted depression, it’s a whole different thing, because you are going there willingly, by choice. It doesn’t come anywhere near the doubt you have when you’re unemployed, or the kinds of doubts that come into your head that you can’t control. But that’s what all of us face.”


Indeed, those doubts with which all of us struggle, yet many of us feel unable to talk about, are the very reasons why people often come for therapy, as was the case with Grant. At The Grove we understand how difficult it can be when those doubts take hold, and how they drag us down into a place where it can seem difficult, or even impossible, to function.


It is not unusual to feel depressed when something happens in life that is difficult to manage. Indeed it would be unusual if we didn’t feel low after bereavement, relationship difficulties, trouble at work or any other difficult time. But protracted feelings of low mood, an inability to motivate oneself, difficulties in getting up in the morning and a loss of interest in things that were once important to us may well be a sign that something else is wrong, and it may be supportive to seek help.


The Counsellors and Therapists at The Grove have experience of working with people who are struggling to manage doubts, negative thoughts, uncertainty around work, money and relationships, and the ensuing depression and anxiety that can come about from being in such a place. We can help unpick what is going on underneath these doubts, and work with you in managing them so that you are able to carry on with life rather than stay stuck. We will work with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours to help deepen your understanding of yourself, so that you can become better resourced and more able to cope in times of stress and difficulty.


If you are struggling with recurring negative thoughts, ruminating doubts or anxiety and depression contact The Grove today for your free 30 minute assessment, to see how we can help. We will match to a therapist who will work with you further to help manage where you are today, and move towards where you want to be.