Saatchi and Lawson to Divorce

Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson’s relationship has been in the spotlight for a few weeks, since the infamous incident where Saatchi grabbed his wife by the neck while eating at a top London restaurant, and his subsequent police caution for assault. Now, in the latest turn of events, Saatchi, 70, has announced that he will be divorcing his wife, in what The Daily Mail has referred to as a ‘final, crushing act of emotional control’. For more about issues of control and abuse that surfaced due to the Saatchi-Lawson case, please click here.


The BBC has reported that Saatchi told the Mail on Sunday that he had “clearly been a disappointment” to his wife, and that over the past year the couple had “become estranged and [had] drifted apart”, resulting in his making the “heartbreaking” decision to file for divorce. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Lawson was unaware of his decision making process, and she is said to be devastated by this shock announcement. The Guardian reported on Sunday that Lawson has removed her wedding ring since Saatchi’s statement of intent was released.


After the 2011 Census the Office for National Statistics released figures which showed the ever-increasing rates of divorce in the UK, with the number of divorces – including annulments – increasing by 4.9% between 2009 – 2010. The highest rates of divorce were amongst men and women aged between 40 – 44.


There are many reasons why a couple might decide to divorce. Although abuse and adultery are perhaps amongst the most commonly recognised, many couples simply grow apart, tire of seemingly endless bickering or start to want different things out of life. But regardless of the reasons, separation can be one of the most emotionally demanding and upsetting decisions we will ever make. And if children are involved then it only feels tougher.


The period when a relationship is starting to end can feel lonely, isolating and frightening. It can seem impossible to know whether you’re making the right decision and it may be hard to talk to friends and family, who all have their own opinions. Equally, going through the divorce proceedings and re-adapting to life after a period – however long or short – of being in a marital partnership can be incredibly overwhelming. At The Grove we understand that making the decision to separate from your partner is rarely straightforward, and that a lot of confusing emotions can arise during this time.


All our therapists are experienced in working with relationship issues, and will provide a space for you to explore your feelings and help come to some decisions. We also offer couples’ counselling, where you and your partner can talk things through together in a safe, non-judgemental space. Let’s talk first, before making any rash decisions, and let’s work through this difficult time together.