Robert Rees, Director The Grove

Robert Rees

Robert is a Director of The Grove.

“I offer my clients a safe, peaceful and welcoming place from which to work through their material.  As well as talking, I like to build on the work together by using body-based and creative techniques like visualisations, working with dreams and mindfulness. My hope is to help clients discover new perspectives and insights into their own world, ease their anxieties in life, help them to live as fully as they can and realise their own potential.

I passionately believe in good therapy and what it can be for someone with a willing heart who wants to make personal changes in their life.  I am an active therapist who likes to help clients deliver on their goals.  I have worked with clients who have brought depression, low self esteem, addiction, self-harm, relationship problems, trauma, bereavement, life issues arising from their parenting experience, among other subjects.

I am presently completing my professional training for a Diploma in Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapy having already obtained a Foundation Certificate from CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education) in London.”