Elliot Davis psychotherapist at The Grove

Elliot Davis, assessor at The Grove

Elliot Davis is an experienced therapist and a member of The Grove’s assessment team. He manages enquiries to The Grove’s therapy service, offering guidance on choosing a therapist and starting the therapy process.

His approach is to offer empathetic understanding, non-judgmental listening with a sense of calm. Every situation and person is different and therefore he draws on many different methods to work with people. This ‘integrative’ approach allows the widest possibility for change to occur. His aim is to connect each client with their own inner resources and to have the confidence of going forwards in a direction of their conscious choosing. Elliot has experience of providing counselling for clients with a wide variety of issues including: anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence, depression, bereavement, trauma, phobias and relationship issues. Having worked for twenty years in the arts, he has a special understanding of the artistic temperament and the unique pressures that can bring.

Born in London, he graduated from Warwick University before going to study psychotherapy. Elliot obtained a Foundation Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Birkbeck University and then a further Foundation Certification from CCPE (Center For Counselling and Psychotherapy Education). He is currently completing the professional Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy at CCPE, working towards registration with UKCP upon imminent completion of his studies.