Our terms of business

Therapy framework

Our therapists commit to regular weekly appointments with our clients, because of the importance of regularity and continuity of sessions.
Missed appointments or cancelled sessions are chargeable in full, apart from in exceptional circumstances by arrangement with your therapist. This enables us to continue reserving your usual weekly appointment time.
If you are unable to keep your regular appointment, please contact your therapist, who may be able to offer you an alternative session that week, subject to availability.

Therapy contract

When you begin ongoing sessions at The Grove, your therapist will give you a copy of our therapy contract for signature. Please read this contract carefully and raise any query with your therapist. If you agree these terms, you will be asked to sign two copies: one for you and one for your therapist.
The following terms will apply to your therapy ongoing:

  • Sessions are for 50 minutes from the agreed appointment time.
  • Missed or cancelled sessions are chargeable and you will be responsible for payment.
  • The fee for each session is stated in the contract. Payment will be requested on the day for the initial consultation. After that, payment is requested at the end of each calendar month when your therapist presents the invoice.
  • Fees will be reviewed annually.
  • Your therapist may take up to 8 weeks’ holiday per year and will inform you in advance of those dates.
  • The Grove’s therapists are fully qualified and abide by the code of ethics of their professional body.
  • The content of sessions is confidential and will only be discussed in supervision. All The Grove’s therapists are supervised as required by their professional guidelines – supervision is best practice and a professional standard where confidentiality and anonymity is maintained.
  • There may be circumstances where the therapist is sufficiently concerned about the risk of serious harm to the client or someone else, that the therapist feels the need to inform The Grove’s directors. In this case, the Directors would decide with the therapist on any necessary course of action. The only other exception to the therapist maintaining confidentiality would be where the therapist is required by a court to give evidence under oath.
  • Timing for ending the ongoing therapy will be mutually agreed with the therapist in advance of the ending. Otherwise, 4 sessions’ notice is required.