Therapists at The Grove

There is a talented team of therapists working at The Grove, each running their own private practice.

Each of our directors shown here is an Accredited Therapist – Sarah Paton Briggs – Robert Rees – Elliot Davis. Psychotherapy appointments are available at The Grove with Sarah or Robert or Elliot, click here to see availability and make an online booking for an initial appointment.

We can also make a referral to the other therapists listed below.

All therapists working at The Grove are accredited, which means they have attained a high level of professional recognition reflected by their significant attainment of  therapy experience.  They are skilled in working with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, obsessive or compulsive behaviour, addiction, problems with eating or sleeping, work stress and family problems.

To become accredited, the therapist qualifies as a first step and then they work towards accreditation as an additional mark of professional recognition. Accreditation is a status awarded by their professional association, such as British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy (COSRT); or chartered by the British Psychological Society (BPS); or registered with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) .

In working at The Grove, every therapist adheres to the strict code of ethics and are committed to working professionally and confidentially with you. They are equipped to deal with a range of issues that may be troubling for you.

If you have private health insurance, your therapy would be provided by an  Accredited Therapist who is recognised by your insurance company to provide funded therapy. Please contact us directly if you have private health insurance, so we can be sure to arrange an appointment with a therapist who is recognised as a provider by your insurance company.

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Robert Rees

Robert is a Director of The Grove.

PD Dip (Pscyh) MUKCP.

I am a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist and Executive Coach. I work with individuals and couples.    My experience ranges from working with people in a mental health setting to work in commercial organisations as a development consultant and business coach. I have worked in the NHS, the charity sector and in both large and small commercial organisations.   As a psychotherapist I have helped clients with a range of issues including: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, work issues, communication, addiction, self-harm, relationship and marital problems, trauma, bereavement, suicidal thoughts and life issues arising from their parenting experience. I use evidence based clinical approaches like CBT in my practice as well as creative techniques like visualisations, art work, sound, breathing and mindfulness.   As a performance coach and consultant in Organisational Development I have worked with senior managers and executive teams to help them deliver on their career and organizational goals. I adapt psychological and therapeutic models to facilitate growth in an organization. I support and advise companies in developing organizational strategy, helping them to recognize and nurture their talent more fully and work with them through organizational challenges.   I am an accomplished business person who has experience in setting up, running and selling businesses. I specialize in working with fast moving, financial firms like hedge funds and trading companies having spent 20 years in the commodities trading industry. My aim is to help people and teams build resilience, optimize their performance and their communication within teams and to help to strike the balance between being and achieving within a firm.


Ian May


Accredited Therapist. Works with Individuals, Couples and Families.

Ian is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist who has been in practice for over 15 years. In addition to providing individual adult therapy, he is also a trained family, couple, child and adolescent therapist. He has been the School Counsellor at Lady Margaret’s School in London for the past six years and so has significant expertise in working with complex adolescent and family issues in both short and long term contexts.

As a counsellor, Ian has particular expertise in working with addiction and the impact of substance abuse on individuals and families. He has significant experience of working with disordered eating, all forms of abuse, compulsive behaviours, stress, grief, depression and anxiety. He is also skilled in relationship and family counselling, group facilitation and providing clinical supervision for his colleagues and other healthcare practitioners. Ian practises for The Grove in Wimpole Street. He works as a couple counsellor at The Grove, and also offers individual therapy, adolescent therapy, family therapy, executive coaching and supervision.

As a qualified executive coach and organisational consultant, Ian has built a reputation as an innovative and creative practitioner working across a broad portfolio of areas, particular interests and expertise include supporting CEO’s and senior managers with issues related to substance misuse and other addictive and compulsive behaviour. Additionally he has developed a reputation for coaching adolescents and supporting their parents through psychotherapy.

Over the years he has become increasingly interested in organisational dynamics and the skills required to enable individuals, leaders and teams to function more productively in both their workplaces and their lives. Ian also has a solid track record in helping turn around organisations and taking them through merger processes.

This has resulted in a powerful blend of clinical and business skills that have been well received in a wide range of organisations including the BBC, VNU Publishing, Incisive Media, the Westminster Drug Project and Lambeth Mind.


Sarah Paton Briggs

Accredited Therapist. Works with Individuals and Couples.

Sarah is a Director of The Grove Practice, where she works with individual and couple clients, in a relational and engaging way. She supports her clients in gaining a new perspective and finding support to deal with their situation.

Many of her clients are facing relationship difficulties, or stress at work, along with anxiety or depression. Others are struggling with illness or other changes in their life circumstances. But they all want to come and speak to someone who can help make sense of what’s happening and help them live more comfortably and happily.

Therapy with Sarah is in an environment of high support and empathy (also with some challenge at times), to work out what’s at the root of the difficulty, along with framing a way forward that best suits that individual our couple. She is skilled in working out what makes each client tick and what is important to them to improve their sense of wellbeing.

Sarah’s style is involved and attentive, aiming for high impact that will make a big favourable difference to the client. This blends looking inwards at one’s own process, as well as looking outwards at how one relates to others.

She has over 10 years’ post-qualification experience and is a therapist accredited by several professional associations, including the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP), the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and also the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP). Sarah is also a trauma therapist member of UK Psychological Trauma Society (UKPTS) and the European Society for Trauma Stress Studies (ESTSS).

Sarah has received specialist counselling training in working with couples and sexual problems (she is a psychosexual therapist accredited by COSRT), disordered eating, addiction and compulsive bahviour (OCD), and survivors of trauma or sexual abuse. She is also trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Her clinical experience includes addiction, relationship and sexual issues, depression and anxiety, bereavement, plus dealing with anger and violence. She has also received several medical referrals to work with the impact of medical diagnosis or coping with illness such as chronic fatigue, HIV or cancer.

In 2014, Sarah attended the introductory prerequisite training module in Imago relationship therapy, facilitated by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, along with Sophie Slade.

For therapy funded by private health insurance, she is registered with many providers including Allianz, Aviva 600067240, BUPA 30003277, Cigna 133418, Standard Life, Vitality/PruHealth, and WPA 920334556.


Veronika Kloucek

Accredited Therapist (MA, MBACP, UKCP). Works with Couples and Individuals.

Veronika is an experienced integrative psychotherapist & counsellor, a mindfulness facilitator and accredited senior yoga trainer. Trained in embodied relational psychotherapy, trauma interventions and evidence-based models such as CBT, she may uses mindfulness for the treatment of anxiety and depression based on her work within the NHS. Veronika’s interest lies in working with issues pertaining to relationships and cross-cultural complexities. Veronika’s roots are in Freud’s Vienna and she has family connections to Austria, Italy, Germany and the UK. 


Elliot Davis

Accredited Therapist (MA, MBACP, UKCP). Works with Couples and Individuals.

My approach is to offer empathetic understanding, non-judgmental listening with a sense of calm. Every situation and person is different and therefore I draw on many different methods to work with people. This ‘integrative’ approach allows the widest possibility for change to occur. My aim is to connect my client with their own inner resources and to have the confidence of going forwards in a direction of their conscious choosing. I have experience of providing counselling for clients with a wide variety of issues including: anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence, depression, bereavement, trauma, phobias and relationship issues. Having worked for twenty years in the arts, I have a special understanding of the artistic temperament and the unique pressures that can bring.

Born in London, I graduated from Warwick University before going to study psychotherapy. I have obtained a Foundation Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Birkbeck University and then a further Foundation Certification from CCPE (Center For Counselling and Psychotherapy Education). Having completed my professional psychotherapy training with a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy awarded by CCPE, I am now working towards registration with UKCP.


Amanda-Jane Wood

Dr Amanda-Jane Wood is a Chartered Psychologist (D. Psych Couns, PG Dip Psychology, FD Counselling, Certificate Hypnotherapy, Accredited EMDR Practitioner)

Amanda-Jane is an experienced counselling psychologist who works with individual adult clients. She is non-judgemental and has an empathic and understanding outlook towards client’s concerns. She is Chartered by the British Psychology Society (BPS) and registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and works to maintain the highest standard of care in accordance with their ethical and professional codes of conduct.

Amanda-Jane works with adults and young people aged 16 years and above. She works integrative and draws upon therapeutic models according to her client’s individual needs including psychodynamic, CBT, EMDR, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and motivational interviewing.

She has worked within a wide range of clinical severity in adult mental health including the acute in-patient setting, NHS, voluntary organisations, domestic violence agency, occupational health, an NHS chronic pain programme, Military and Veteran mental health as well as a private practice.

Amanda-Jane is an Accredited EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) practitioner. She also holds a certificate in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, approved by the British Psychology Society.
She has 11 years clinical experience which includes working with anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, anger management, addictions, loss and bereavement, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, eating and personality disorders, chronic illness and pain, altered body image and plastic surgery.

Amanda-Jane has a special interest in military mental health and has worked with veterans and their families. She has an awareness of the stigmas, culture and values within the military population and how this differs from working with civilians.
Prior to qualifying as a psychologist, she worked as a qualified nurse both in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. She has many years of experience in working with individuals suffering from chronic, long term illness like cancer and renal failure. She was employed as a qualified Clinical Nurse Specialist for breast cancer providing psychological support for women of all ages coming to terms with a diagnosis of breast cancer, treatment and beyond.

Amanda-Jane is an approved provider with the following private insurance companies: Allianz, Aviva 600091278, Cigna 213853, Vitality and WPA 920868220.


Augusta Annesley

I am an integrative psychotherapist with a particular interest in relational psychoanalysis. This means that I work looking at a person’s experiences of the past and of childhood and how these impact upon their present relationships.

This can illuminate patterns of behaviour or psychological difficulties which may have formed over time that contribute to finding things hard going, anxiety provoking or bleak. I have a background working in the criminal justice system but I retrained to become a psychotherapist when I found myself increasingly interested in the therapeutic elements of my work and as I gained experience proving that the crucible for change lies within the therapeutic relationship.

I completed my training in Intergrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at Regents University and am a Registered Member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) as well as a Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP); the leading professional bodies for psychotherapy in the UK.

I currently work as a psychotherapist within IAPT (NHS Primary Care) where I work with a range of patients referred to our service by GPs in Hounslow.

I also have many years’ experience working as a therapist in a women’s centre in Kingston Upon Thames. It is here that I have gained a particular interest in working with anxiety, trauma and abuse.


Marion Steel

UKCP Accredited Therapist

I trained at Regent’s College, London, and hold a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have many years’ experience working both within private practice and the NHS, in GP practices and for the last thirteen years, within Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals in London. I have seen people for a wide range of difficulties, which have included bereavement, relationship problems, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem or self-confidence, loss of meaning…
In addition, I offer supervision and consultation to psychotherapists, counsellors and other health professionals, both privately and within the NHS. My training was integrative, with the focus being on existential, I also originally trained in bereavement counselling and in the hospital setting have worked extensively with cancer patients and within Palliative Care. My book on grief and loss, entitled Do You Realize? was published by O Books in October 2010.
I practise as an existential counsellor/psychotherapist. The existential approach seeks to be non-judgemental. The emphasis is on exploration, where the therapist’s role is to help you to open up the choices and possibilities in a particular situation and in your life in general, to clarify your values and priorities, and to achieve a greater understanding of what you want from your life and your relationship with others. At times we are all confronted with life events which can trigger feelings of anxiety and disorientation, sadness, even despair. It might be the death of someone close to us, the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a job, the diagnosis of an illness, or a similarly significant situation, which causes us to temporarily lose our bearings, even our sense of our selves. Alternatively, we may, gradually develop a realisation that our life no longer feels right, that we have lost our way, or feel a sense of boredom or futility with our existence.
The existential approach will seek to help you to address your concerns and to re-assess what is important to you, in order to find a more meaningful way forward.


Robyn Clinton

MSc(Psych), CTA, Dip Fertility Couns, UKCP, MNFS

I am an experienced UKCP registered psychotherapist and Relational Transactional Analyst. I have a practice in Richmond, TW9 and central London, W1. I have specialist experience working with individuals and couples dealing with infertility and/or assisted conception. I also work with individuals who have experienced a pregnancy related loss or have post natal depression.

I have several years experience working in private practice. Alongside private, I have worked for various low-cost counselling services and mental health projects.

I am flexible in the way I work and offer short-term counselling, which would be focused on a specific issue (such as divorce, redundancies, house moves etc.) or a longer more open-ended psychotherapy for a deeper personal exploration (paying attention to childhood experiences and significant relationships).

In my experience, one of the most important aspects of working together is to have a strong and healthy therapeutic relationship. I offer an initial meeting to discuss how I work and for you to talk about what you need. If you feel comfortable and decide working together would be a good fit, we will agree a time to meet every week that would work for both of us.

I offer specialist fertility counselling and have a particular interest in working with individuals and couples coping with the emotional struggle of infertility.

Some may come to see me because their fertility consultant has recommended they see a counsellor before starting treatment. Often, individuals will reach out for support after they have started treatment due to the rollercoaster of emotions surrounding the process such as:

Sadness & depression over unsuccessful cycles;
Feeling that fertility issues have taken over their life;
Relationship conflict arising from fertility issues;
Help with making decisions and deciding next steps;
Support with taking control of your future and deciding when to stop treatment.

Based in London W1, we offer a unique blend of mental health support: psychotherapy, psychiatry, professional training courses in mental health, integrated wellbeing & equine-facilitated programmes.

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