X-Factor’s Matt Cardle commences treatment

X-Factor winner Matt Cardle has recently commenced treatment for his addiction to prescription drugs, it was revealed last week. According to the Huffington Post, the singer is struggling under pressure due to his huge work commitments, and started taking temazepam and Valium to help deal with the stress. A friend of Cardle reportedly told the Mirror that “Matt is all over the place at the moment”. He is expected to undergo a 28-day treatment programme, in order to prepare for his tour in the upcoming year. Cardle’s story echoes those of Robbie Williams, who was addicted to prescription painkillers, and Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger, whose deaths were all linked to abuse of legal, prescription drugs.


We all feel stressed, anxious and depressed at times, and when this happens some people find it helpful to take anti-depressants, anti-anxieties and sleeping tablets, for example. Many people rely on every day, over-the-counter painkillers to deal with chronic aches and pains, or have regular prescriptions from their GP. Taken appropriately, and under the correct medical guidance, few people develop problems with their medication. However, dependency can slip in almost unnoticed, to the point where you may feel anxious if you have left your medication at home, for example, or you may feel uneasy operating throughout the day without having the medication in your system. As can become the case with alcohol and illegal substances, prescription drugs can end up becoming a crux, and may be used as a means to avoid facing deeper life issues and problems.


At The Grove we understand how addiction and dependency can creep up and take a hold, sometimes without people noticing until it feels too late. Something that was once a gentle support can become a prop; the only thing holding you up and enabling you to get through each day intact. This can be isolating and frightening. You may feel out of control and alone, and you might wonder why you can’t ‘just stop’. The fact that the medication is prescribed and legal can be confusing, or perhaps a means of denying the problem and justifying why it is ‘ok’ to continue taking the pills; when we talk about addiction to crack or cocaine, it can seem much more black and white.


If you are concerned about the amount of medication you are taking, and if you feel you may be using it as a substitute for something else, let’s talk. We can help you explore the purpose the medication is serving for you, and to address the underlying problems that are resulting in a dependency on pills. If you are trying to come off the drugs we can also support you through that challenging process, working with you towards getting to the place where you can manage life without such a dependency on medication. Contact The Grove today for your free, 30 minute assessment with one of our directors, where you can talk about what is troubling you and we can discuss the way forward.