New Year, New Beginning…?

It’s that time of year again when, despite the regular cycle of resolution-making leading to broken-promises, giving up and shelving all those intentions for ‘after winter’, ‘over summer’ or any other elusive time in the future, we tend to make sweeping declarations and resolutions about how the upcoming year is going to be so different from the last, how we are going to become changed people over the next 12 months and how life will be all the better for it.



Common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, getting fit, falling in love, giving up smoking, cutting down on drinking, enjoying life more and spending less. All very noble and well-intended, but with research from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania suggesting that only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals – and with many resolutions lasting little longer than a week – perhaps it is time to think a bit differently about what you really want to achieve in 2014, and how you can feasibly go about it.



Surface-level New Year’s resolutions, such as vague intentions to lose weight, get fit or be happier, may cover up deeper unease and dissatisfaction, that needs to be looked at in greater detail in order to really achieve contentment, and a sense of satisfaction and happiness in everyday life. At The Grove we understand how we often look at the more superficial changes we can make to our lives with the hope of becoming happier, and we also know how, in order to achieve lasting and more profound change, we need to look more closely at ourselves, what is really going on, what we truly want out of life and how we may go about getting it. It may also help to think about our patterns of relating, to ourselves as well as to others, and to look at where, how and why we get stuck in various areas of our lives that stops us reaching the goals that we really want to achieve, be these personal, professional or academic.



The counsellors and therapists at The Grove will work alongside you in your exploration of your life values and goals, and will support you when it comes to making the difficult decisions necessary to lead to real and lasting change. Perhaps you want to reconsider your career or return to study, or maybe you want to re-think your relationship. Perhaps things just feel a bit wrong and off-course, and you feel like there should be more to your life. At times all of us feel stuck, and while getting stuck is not necessarily a problem, staying stuck can be.



If you are committed to making deep and lasting changes to your life, let’s talk first. Contact The Grove now for a free 30 minute consultation and take your first step towards making positive change. If you passionately want it, and are prepared to work for it, we can help you achieve what you really want out of life and bring you closer to the satisfaction and contentment for which you are searching. And when better time to start than now?